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December 20, 2023

Podcast – A Resonant Tale Of Love, Loss, And Learning How To Let Go

A Resonant Tale Of Love, Loss, And Learning How To Let Go

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s show I have the pleasure of welcoming producer and author Jennifer Manocherian to talk about her novel ‘Alpha Bette’. During this content-rich call, we’ll take a deep dive into the book and explore how writing a book is different from screenwriting, and much, much more.

Jennifer’s married with five children who have blessed her with many grandchildren. She’s also been a Broadway, off Broadway and London theater producer since the mid 1980’s. She has over thirty five credits, including several that won Tony and Drama Desk Awards.

Further, Jennifer has co-created and produced a dance musical, In Your Arms, that played at The Old Globe Theatre in San Diego and wrote a book of a few musicals, two of which she produced for online streaming Marry Harry. She also wrote and produced the film “Family Blues” that played on TV worldwide which is currently streaming online. Additionally, Jennifer has also written and produced a film called “Boundary Waters”, which is based on a book she optioned titled ‘Closed Doors’ by Lisa O’Donnell, and directed by Tessa Blake.

Not only is this an incredibly insightful interview, it provides a glimpse into Jennifer’s illustrious entertainment career and life as an established author with her latest book ‘Alpha Bette’.

About The Book…

Bette Gartner, a ninety-five-year-old widow, wakes up one morning and decides to give a dinner party that night for her small family, staff, two neighbors, and a medium—and no one knows why.

The story takes place over the course of the day and is told through the multiple points of view of Bette’s guests, switching back and forth between them as we learn about their motivations, dreams, hopes, and fears. These various storylines converge at the dinner table, where the coming together of different personalities, each with their own tensions and pain points, erupts into epiphanies, resolutions, and new beginnings before the final act of the evening Bette has planned.

Alpha Bette is more than the story of a particular family’s history. Aside from recounting how the characters navigate the daily mundanities of urban life, it also dwells on their larger existential anxieties and the impact of the holes and absences that deceased and displaced loved ones leave behind.

To learn more about the author or to get your copy of this acclaimed book, click the link below.

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