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December 23, 2023

Podcast – Novelist Spotlight with Mike Consel

Novelist Spotlight with Mike Consel

Novelist Spotlight #139: Screenwriter turned novelist Jennifer Manocherian

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In the spotlight is family therapist, divorce mediator, Broadway and off-Broadway producer, screenwriter and screenwriting teacher Jennifer Manocherian, who has just published her first novel, “Alpha Bette,” a story influenced by her many personal and professional life experiences. Bette Gartner, the novel’s protagonist, is a 95-year-old widow who wakes up one morning and decides to host a small dinner party that evening for family, staff, two neighbors, and a medium — though no one knows why. The story takes place over the course of the day and is told through the multiple points of view of Bette’s guests, with their storylines eventually converging at the dinner table.

We discuss:

>> The struggle moving from screenwriting to novel writing
>> Hiring a developmental editor
>> Night terrors
>> The novel’s cover design
>> Family
>> Aging
>> Her background as a therapist
>> Etc.

Learn more about Jennifer Manocherian here:

Novelist Spotlight is produced and hosted by Mike Consol, author of “Lolita Firestone: A Supernatural Novel,” “Family Recipes: A Novel About Italian Culture, Catholic Guilt and the Culinary Crime of the Century” and “Hardwood: A Novel About College Basketball and Other Games Young Men Play.” Buy them on any major bookselling site. Write to Mike Consol at [email protected]. We hope you will subscribe and share the link with any family, friends or colleagues who might benefit from this program.

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