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March 29, 2024

Podcast – A Novel Idea

A Novel Idea

Podcast – A Novel Idea with Suzanne M. Lang

Jennifer Manocherian’s book is Alpha Bette , sort of the opposite of a coming of age story. It takes place over the course of a single day and is centered around a 95 year old widow, Bette Gartner, who wakes up one morning in her New York City apartment and decides to throw a dinner party that evening, with a surprising guest list. Manocherian, who has produced Broadway plays, written books for a couple of musicals, and has produced and written for film, joins Suzanne Lang in conversation to talk about this, her first Novel, Alpha Bette. Suzanne also talks with Jude Berman, who has spent the last 30 years supporting other writers as a coach, editor, and ghostwriter, and now has a slew of novels coming out which include, The Die , a utopian techno-thriller set in the near future that folds in ancient wisdom from the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata . It’s A Novel Idea with Suzanne M. Lang. Streaming and podcasting at



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