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January 16, 2024

Podcast – Voting & Author of Alpha Bette

Coffee Chat With Camille Show

Voting & Author of Alpha Bette – Jennifer Manocherian

Coffee Chat With Camille Show


Alpha Bette is Jennifer’s first novel. She put much of her personal and professional life experience into writing it, having been a family therapist, divorce mediator, Broadway and Off-Broadway producer, musical book writer, screenwriter & producer, and screenwriting teacher. She co-wrote and produced the films Family Blues and Boundary Waters (in production) as well as wrote the book of two musicals that are streaming online: Marry Harry, a full-length musical, and Cockroaches & Cologne, a short musical. She is a proud board member of the New York Stage and Film, The Peace Studio, and 18by Vote. She is married with five children and many grandchildren—great source material!

Listen to the episode HERE.

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